I have always loved books. 
As a child we moved a lot so books were my best friends. Nancy Drew was my favorite. I was drawn to mysteries then and they are still my favorites. 

I especially love children's books. I could do that by adding words to my art. Combining them challenges my creativity. I enjoy  the whole process from writing to illustrating, to designing the layout, and using the technology to publish.  It all flows together.

As an author, we create characters that become alive under our fingers. Each one unique from the other. A picture can be drawn with the use of words, but for children, less can be better. Learning to read can be hard at first, so using the few words they are familiar with often while introducing new words, encourages them. And more white space on the page helps with their attention span. Of course, plot and storyline must maintain their interest.

I smile when my characters surprise me with something they say or do. If you are a writer, let me know how you approach the subject. 

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